Azumada Irifune

入舟 東田

harpy of the east


name: Azumada Irifuneage: 22 summersgender: trans malebirthday: 11/25orientation: demisexualspecies: harpyoccupation: occasional odd job, steals for livingresidency: travels; currently in Eorzeafamily: Sato Irifune (deceased), Yuusuke Irifune (deceased), Mao Irifune (???)notable traits: selectively mute, adept in Hingan sign language and fluent in Eorzean/Common sign language.

- + Curious, honest, playful, thoughtful
- - flighty, nervous, impatient, mild kleptomania


The Irifune clan is one of many in Hingashi's port industry. Azu's parents made their living ferrying goods across the sea, namely in the Othard region. Mao was the first born by five years, then Azumada came to the world.The family spent six years together travelling, fishing, and making a living when a summer storm took out the ship. Effectively lost in both supplies and crew, Azumada was the sole survivor when he washed ashore on an archipelago.He spent a year using what little he knew to survive and luck bestowed upon him a passing merchant ship to take him away. They weren't Hingashi-bound, however. Where were they destined?Eorzea.Azumada spent the remainder of his childhood as a child of Limsa's piers and decks alike, taking scraps from the Culinarian's guild or a fish or two from the fisherman's down below.Wayward through and through, he spends his time wandering the continent, with a penchant to drift back to the nation of pirates and boats once more.


HarpyAzumada's a harpy, thanks to his family and their 'hidden' identity. It was discovered during their free time over seas, be it land tracking or stretching hidden limbs. His own didn't manifest until after the wreck, leaving him alone in developing and reaching awaiting potential.As a harpy, he has three forms: normal, true, and bird.
- Normal: Under this form, he's as passing as a hyur can be. While partial and selective transformation can take place, he's otherwise more 'natural' than not.
- True: What he is, deep down, away from glamours and public eye, is a feathered, taloned, and winged creature of 'myth'. Hands give way to wings, while feet to taloned toes. Feathers overtake most of his figure with a tail, too, coming into place. In his true form, senses are enhanced and flight far better than the partial transformation in 'normal'.
- Bird: As implied in the word, he has a bird form! His bird form strongly resembles that of the falcons used in Hingashi and Othard's porting services. He's a little smaller than them in height, though just as powerful all the same.

Abilities:Aside from selective or full transformation across three forms, he can manipulate air to varying degrees. The smaller it is, the easier on his body. More effort into strong bursts or slashes, however, can tax at his energy. At best, renders him fatigued, while at worst, brings him to unconsciousness.Heightened senses include agility, lung capacity, balance, reflex, eyesight, and immune system. Due to his agility to fly, he's about average in terms of strength. Other disadvantages include bone density.


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- get back here!
Did you feel your pockets get lighter? Perhaps the food in your hand's gone invisible? Whatever the case may be, the pickpocket's on the run, weaving between people in the bustling street.
- the goggles stay on
Oft used for flight, mining, forging, or more, goggles on a lad in the city is a peculiar sight. Why does he seem insistent, going so far as to gesture to the straps or adjust it atop his hair?
- say that again?
Questions are given but nothing verbal's received. Gesturing appears rapid, fast, leaving more queries in their wake than answers. Can anyone step in, or are charades and annoyed expressions the way to go?


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